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For God So “LOVED” the World that he gave his only begotten son….

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Posted by: Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas, February 13, 2012

Get connected to God, and Stay connected!

A Salute you Whitney Houston… Let Earth receive her King…

Psalm 23
King James Bible 

            The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul:
5         He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.°
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
10        Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.


Whitney, we all love you so much… May your soul forever rest in Peace… I’m sorry I was not able to deliver the message God whispered in my ear concerning your life last Saturday around 3:00 p.m. …Nevertheless, you were and will always be one of God’s Greatest singers to ever live and you surely are going to be missed dearly by us all….

I feel like a pilgrim and a stranger passing through this vary land….

Get connected to God, and stay connected.. He is your only source!
I peter 2:11 says:     Webster’s Bible Translation

Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts,
which war against the soul;

Isaiah 54:17: Webster’s Bible Translation
No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is from me, saith the LORD.


If I had wings like a morning dove.. I’d just fly away and many more great songs by the Canton spirituals (Old School yawl).. God’s word shall never pass away!

The Greatest Hits :  Canton Spirituals – Old School Gospel – Listen up and enjoy yourself!

 Morning Dove – If I had wings like a morning dove.. I’d just fly away and many more great songs by the 

God’s Word Shall Never Pass Away

All of My Burdens, I take them to Jesus





Order of Grand Finale Worship – “40 Day’s of TRIUMPH” Un-cut notes and Sermon Notes taken by Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas

40 DAY’S OF TRIUMPH VICTORY CELEBRATION  ~  Friday, February 10, 2012 – ~Verbatim notes from Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas” uncut and unedited !    40 DAY’s of triumph victory celebration 2-10-2012

After studying for 40 days, he took us back to Genesis 12:4 and blessed us with a word from the Lord!
Sermon Title: "Start and Watch God!"



~40 DAY’S OF TRIUMPH VICTORY CELEBRATION ~ Friday, February 10, 2012

Guest Speaker:  Bishop John Gunn, Pastor, Author  / Psalmist / Preacher


Scripture:   Genesis 12:4 – When Abram was 75 he started out from Haran.. ( Paraphrased).


Sermon title:   “Start and Watch God!”


Song Selection:  It’s time to Give God the Praise!


Inspiration:  “I will commit my life to studying the word of God!”


Prayer: “ Never again shall we remain the same!”


Seal 40 Days of triumph Reading of the Litany –  Litany found in the Empowerment Temple’s Echoes Magazine…(


Song selection: / Psalmist – John Nelson:  “Our worship is shifting the atmosphere”


Prayer at the Alter: Dr. Jamal H. Bryant


Worship Song Dr. Jamal H. Bryant:  “We exalt thee..Oh Lord!. You are worthy to be praised – You are Alpha and Omega –

We exalt thee, for you are worthy to be praised..  We give you all the glory, we worship you are Lord, for you are worthy to be praised”


Announcements:  by Pastor Jamal: “ Uprising a prayer revolution”:  Change will take place in your life by Easter Sunday

  • Pastor Bryant acknowledges:  Pastor Jason Nelson from Baltimore, Maryland.. Pastor Nelson’s church is right up the street from Empowerment Temple.  Pastor Jason Nelson’s music ministry is making a King declaration over yourself   Amen~
  • Pastor Bryant said: “After you hear the another selection from Pastor Jason Nelson, the next voice you will hear will be that of:
    Dr. John Gunn, our guest speaker all the way from Jacksonville, Florida ~


Song Selection:  Psalmist – John Nelson:  “You no longer have dominion over me!”

 Prayer:  Pastor John Gunn – Anger, depression, sexual sins, fear, struggle, mind control, sadness “NO” longer have dominion over me in JESUS name+
“I’m excited about your future!”.

* Inserts from Pastor John Gunn’s accolades before the preached word of God:

  • ” You need someone who will tell you the truth at the expense of the friendship ~”
    • Pastor Gunss acknowledge his Parents
    • Dr. Gunn:  Ministry product; based on him writing an everyday book – “JOURNEY TO WHOLENESS”
      • They  did not see me coming but I’m here now…  The awkwardness of my life does not always put me in the company of alias, but he expects me to make it look easy and flourish..


The Preached Word!!!:   “Pastor John Gunn”  (Notes are taken  verbatim as Dr. John Gunn speaks live) uncut

You are here tonight because you have no social life or you are engrossed in this 40 Day’s of Triumph – Amen.

Your mind has become an incubator – You have been spending too much time with people who did not have interest in your destiny..

Churches can become comfortable in inactivity; because inactivity does not cause you to do anything.. You do not spend anything being a spectator…  You have to embrace confidently God’s word for your life.. The consecration we’ve been on is designed to equip you for what’s next in your life.. It’s going to cost you something, but you will give up nothing but end up with more in the end…

*You have to have the courage to believe that you can trust the anointing on your life…

*God never gives us the best conditions to start… There are always other things we think we need to do before we start something…  You have to take the plane out and start up the engine.. You cannot crash in the hanger.. You cannot crash if you never start the engine…    If you went through 40 days, tomorrow starts life at a level that will be satisfying and fulfilling to you… You start tomorrow, but you begin tonight fixing the things that you know need to be changed in your life..    Say: “I am fearfully and perfectly made…”  “I need you to start!!!!!”

That’s the simplicity of verse 4 chapter 11 to 12-5 – Abram goes through this amazing experience..   The word start to means more than the beginning activity…. In the –(Hebrew???)  it means something has to die in order from something live…   You have to be able to manage the season when you are happy and when you are sad…  You have to balance when you can’t explain it…

Tell your neighbor that you are not crazy; you are just in the process!

So he starts out from Haran, they told him, and he takes Lott with him..  Here is my question:  When he started, what did God give him?  God does not function in your inactivity… God becomes active when you trust him by faith to become active… If you are not moving, God is not moving either, but let’s you stay there.  When you have the courage to start…

God will give you this child, 1) God gives you a promise, which came before the activity, yet propels action..  God will give you a promise that you can become your future..

I will not give you promise beyond your skills – I will have to stretch you so you won’t be looking at promise  …. (get rest from foot notes)

The promise for your life is suppose to frustrate you.. It’s suppose to make you realize the things are not suppose to be doing.. The 40 days caused us to realize the stuff we needed to throw out!

Abraham is 75 and have not had a child yet..  Question:  “How can I have many descendents, and I don’t even have one?  Sometimes, he keeps you infertile until you are ready to listen…  He did have his nephew Lott with him and he was having children.. It’s hard when people are in your life, and they have your promise and what you desire…   So the first thing God gives you is promise..    Some of our lives are so cluttered, until we are not dealing with issues… He gives you promise that forces you into your future… The promise is so big until you are fixing things that are small.  It does not register, but it has influence in the mind of God.. It is what it is , but  it forces  you to deal with your past and present causing you to fix the small things in your life.

In chapter 11, they were on their way to Canaan, and Daddy camped in Iran.. Daddy is now dead and Abram has lost his passion for the dream.  Abram lost his passion because he was connected to something that was dead and then he lost his drive…

Divorce, break up, etc.  and move on with your life… “Risk rejection in order to complete what I have put before you”… You have to get rid of the things you need to kill.

Dr. Gunn explains to us and says:  “ I have gadgets, but I’m not techy, but I kept noticing that my gadgets never lasted longer than other… Someone told him that since you do not close out the applications running in the background it drains your battery..    Relocation does not fix your situations, it will only rebirth itself if you do not move the hell on with your life…  Stop trying to make your life seem ok when you want to be somebody else!

You know why I’m so passionate about this?  I had so many open apps..  I wondered why I could not rest even when I went to sleep?  Some of you are so amazing, but you are so bogged down with so much stuff and you keep ignoring it… You walk around the house like nothing is wrong..  You are tired because you cannot focus and put the initial payment in what it takes.

If you went through 40 days and you did feel like you needed to change something is wrong!

Right now at my home church, I’m preaching through the entire book of proverbs, and I keep running into, “You have to be corrected..”…  When you are corrected, I have to give you some credence and credibility, because most of us cannot be corrected “relationshiply”.. Relational correction is a moment in time…   – Experiential correction:  You have to go through a season…  When you go through a relationship correction, you can come out of the season..   He put wise people in your life because you are not wise enough to appreciate wisdom he trust you with,  I don’t care about learning from you if you went through it… Whenever God birth promise, he releases.  It always have to be something equal to your problem… I’ve given you a problem so you can produce something that no one could ever deny.. Problem:  He gives you pain .  The pain comes from the disconnection… You want to be able to maintain what you connected too..  What you are loyal to is not loyal to the God who has given you the promise… It has pain and it has partners..  The vision God gives you require a team, but he tries to make you a tennis player… When you play tennis, you are only playing  against a person… You are always in opposition mode…  The enemy is going to one thing well in all of our lives… He will try to damage us so we will not trust anyone over our lives to help us manage the vision… You cannot be the greatest by yourself.. Even Jesus died with two other folks.. Who are you going to talk to on your way to heaven?  If you keep on working with Sarah, eventually something is going to happen, and she will come through.  You will need someone that can partner with you, but if you cannot manage intimacy… hmmmm, that will be another problem…

You want to know why your promises are held up? It’s because you have not forgiven people who have trespassed against you.. .There are so many barriers that you set up, but some the hoops are too small for them to get through…  You are not that incredibly wonderful until you want to be alone.. You need somebody you can call..
Dr. Gunns said:  “I got remarried, I had some things I needs.” I had a best man and some grooms men.. .When you are about to walk in your new season you need somebody that will help for you.  Can I get anybody here to tell your neighbor that I need help?  What are you scared of?

Why have you held on for so long to that?  Why are you still having that conversation? Honey, how do let them  do that to you?  How do you let your own failures you are unwilling to fix make you feel unqualified?  All three of the brothers I talked to when I was going through my divorce, and all three brothers help me to understand what I needed in my life when my mind was clear to understand.

One place in the world where I don’t have to prove myself, When it’s all said and done, I’m going HOME to someone that says: “I think you did an ok job..”.. You can’t pay for that!!!!   I don’t pay the girl,  but she gets compensated..  Healthy intimacy… When God put you with a partner, they will fight for you when you do not have enough strength to fight for yourself…  When you run into people on tomorrow, they are going to be so excited until it is going to confuse the enemy!!

He will give you promise and process.     Here is the last thing he will give you when you start… He will give you his presence…  He will give you the subtlety of confirming  that you will go back to your partner and say let’s try again… They will wonder why you drifted off, because he will tap you on the shoulder and let you know that you are still in the game…   God tapped you on the shoulder and let you know that it is going to get better… Neighbor, God is so with you until it does not matter what you have to go through… If you have to go through suffering, he is with you!  If you have to go through loneliness he will be there…   Weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning…    I know you have heard this a 100 times that whatever I have started, start living… Jump up and say “I’ll start now!”  If no one is going to help me, I will help myself and start now!!!!

Somebody throw your right hand up in the air and say: “You got it God!!!!!!”
Jump and say:  “This thang has just turned for me.. “Hey, oh glory!!!”
The season my life is in, and Pastor Jamal, knows where I was at in my season..Sometimes people use your transparency… When we cannot be helpful, we hide…   We really can’t tell the people the real struggle.. Most of us can only tell our story when it’s in a book. We cannot tell you anything when you are writing a book, but only when it is finished..   Pastor Gunns explains:  “During his divorce, he and wife realized that they just were not for each other”… No hard feelings, or animosity.. It just happened…  Johnson,  there is gong to  be a time when you are going to need a private life, because your public life has been out there.. Even when you are on vacation, you cannot rest because you have things following you…  His friend prayed God, wherever he is:  Give him peace.. His friend prayed for him not even knowing his needs.

As I sat there on my futon with limited stuff, I could not cry anymore because I made my decision, but I watched God in a one bedroom apartment but he taught me how to love..Then he stuck my non- judgmental friend’s in my life that was comfortable with me, but not for me… God said trust me and I will make sure your heart don’t miss it..  There was nothing wrong with where I have been, but I was not comfortable with what I did.

When I discovered the call upon my life……. You can get stuck somewhere, and realize what you really lost was you (yourself).

Pastor Gun says: “Before I remarried, I traveled all the time, it got old coming home to no one, but “God” put someone on my life that valued my being…  But here is what I do… (Don’t miss this).. “When most of us reach a place when we are hurt, we become so fearful,  we build these little worlds, and then when it’s time to perform we come out, then we go back.. We let you see enough to celebrate us, but not enough to love us.”

Here is what’s scary,   the bigger promise that God has for your life.. What’s next for you?.. What does God want to do tomorrow?… Abram was stuck in Iran with an infertile wife while everyone else was having children… someone said leave…

Pastor Gunn tells us to:  “Go back to school, start the business”..  What is tomorrow going to look like for you.. Will there be any movement that stretches you beyond tonight… I don’t care if the calendar does not change because I work off of seasons… God is trying to get you in your season and not in your year.. Somebody here has been so stuck… When you started reading Genesis 12, and on the last day God sends a preacher to say to you what he said 40 days ago. When you wake up tomorrow, you have to start… When you wake up in the morning you will be ready, but you have to deal with some stuff on tonight.. Some things you know that God needs to change…

Pastor Gunn, I am ready for tomorrow, but I know I need to start tonight..  Here is the weirdest thing,…  “September last year, God put me on a 40 day fast and I thought it was to get a word for the people, but he used the 40 days just stripping me”….   In dealing with the spirit of stagnation, God is going to move it on tonight.. .You are so close.. I want tonight to require you to be better on behalf of God… I want to tell you on behalf of God, you have to be willing to make some serious changes in your life… Not your friends and significant others, but you have to be willing to change your life…

Stretch your hands,  and at the count of THREE,  I want you take your hands and put them on your belly and start to pull out the old season and allow God to empty you of the old you.   ON the count of THREE, start emptying and pulling that stuff out.  After 40 days of praying, God wants to trust you with so much more… Trust God… Trust God for something new.. Somebody is sitting in pew, just start ripping… Something new is being birthed in you. You are going to start feeling a burning desire inside of your belly.  After 40 days of being in a place, God is finally putting you in a place where you need to be… He is ripping all that stuff out of you. He is cleansing you.  He is about to show you some stuff in the spirit realm.  Find somebody and tell them that you are their partner… I’m here to minister to you.. I want to see you “HAPPY!”   “I want to see you whole, perfect and complete!”.. This is your season…. Everything that is attached to your name….

Joy is here!!!!! 

Face someone and wipe their last tear and tell them:   “that season is over!!!!”

For some of us that season has been 10,  20 years.. That season is over!!! I need somebody to open your mouth and say: “ that season is over!!!!”

I need you to praise God like God just did it.. I need you to open your mouth!!!  It’s over!!! New chances, new joy it’s hear… I heard the Lord say;  This consecration was not just about spirit but it is going to manifest itself in your life.. You shall prosper,  you shall do amazing things.. .In faith take SEVEN steps and declare you are walking into a new season.. God said I am going to show it to you.. Relocate in the natural!!!

All over the building, high five your neighbor and say:  Watch the rest of my life!!!

Everybody listen to me:  The 40 days you went through is going to manifest itself in stages… He wants it to be so obvious that people see it in you and them and say you guys really have been with God..  Tell your neighbor, you are going to see this..

Pastor Gunn tells us that:  He and wife had just got done praying, but he said God said to:  “challenge the people to do something different and challenge the people to give $41.00 and use the extra dollar to give into tomorrow.”

The Lord said go back and rewrite because he is giving it to you different in this season.  He will allow you to handle it now because you have matured…He’s talking about me Y’all! I’m working on a project as we speak that didn’t work like I thought it would, but God said to do it again and this time it Will Work!
Song Selection:  Joy is here!


Invitation:  Look at someone and ask them: “Are they saved?”


Extend your hands to you.. Let everything we touch multiply, every sickness is healed and every problem is solved… I pray we have a supernatural manifestation…


“Give God a hand clap of praise and give him victory!!!”


“God use us in the next 40 days to get somebody saved!”
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