Bishop T.D. Jakes….”It’s only a test…….Change your default settings”

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There is NOTHING more powerful than a CHANGED MIND!

“As long as your programmed with what you can’t do and what you can’t be and what you can’t have, you will NEVER get up! But I dare you to go into your phone booth like Clark Kent and spin around and come out Superman and say “I’m Better Than This” – Bishop Jakes

 Personal Sermon notes taken by: Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas… Notes are verbatim, uncut and unedited… I just wanted to share with the world what I just heard.. A powerful word from the Lord..  Be sure to pick up this DVD or podcast to listen to it over and over again.. It’s changing my life as I type, listen and process it all and take it in.. I’m in overload!!!! PREACH BISHOP!!!!

Sermon Title: “It’s only a test…….Change your default settings”

Scripture reading: Hebrews 12:11-17 King James Version (KJV)

11 Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

12 Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees;

13 And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed.

14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

15 Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;

16 Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.

17 For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears. ~ @BishopJakes

‎”There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind” Bishop T.D. Jakes… ” Throw off every care…Prepare for a breakthrough”

“It’s only a test…….Change your default settings”

(I Did not catch the sermon title: but he is preaching about Cause and Consequences and whom God loves he chastises… # powerful!!!! – I’m listening now!!! ) ~Minister Evelyn

“Corrections can be painful and embarrassing” He said his mother had it bad correcting them in the public… Right there in the middle of the grocery store… NO matter where you showed off, in front of your friends… Then your friends would imitate you for 3 days how you looked when you mother was chastising you…. (lol)… He said he use to mumble things as he walk away, really low under his breath.. Had is mother heard him, he would have been experiencing a 2nd death.. He did not appreciate the methodology until he had to visit some friends in prison… When you see what it prevented from happening, you get glad about what they did… Whom God loves he chastens… Don’t walk around mad because you got corrected.. Get is together… Yes, that is lame….. Don’t let your brokenness get you off of your path.. Let is heal you.. You have to announce to yourself that it’s over.. I’ve been lame, I’ve been hurt.. But LET IT GO!!!!! –

He’s now talking about the attitude… Life will tempt you to become bitter.. You can become cynical…Even your troubles will make you better or make you bitter.. You have to look at what you are thinking.. Why do you have that attitude? Christians have a very unique way of talking about you.. We just say.. Hmmm… Why does a person as big as you, act so small. Do let it be contaminated by the things that are so small… Things of the heart can go undetected until you live with them.. Have you ever met anyone and you thought they were a nice person? You just don’t want to blow their cover.. Just because they go to church.. It just look good.. The things you do with your body and say with your mouth.. You allow your body to control you.. 50 years old  acting like you are 21…etc… Anointed and filled to the brim with fornication… People had to watch you at all times, because your flesh is filled with the wrong decision… Sad memories of missed opportunities because you did not know how to deal with your own flesh… Have to learn how to budget power.. It will corrupt you depending on how you use it.. Stop asking God for more power, if you cant’ budget the power you have.. Money have to be budgeted.. Anytime you mismanage money, you will become broke.. You have to become selective how you use it..

You have to manage sex the same way you have to budget your money…Whatever you see, you get.. You handle your body like you hand your money… .You sleep with who you want, like you buy what you want… Look at your neighbor and say are you over budget.. What will you NOT do? What will you NOT say? It’s quiet this morning.. Due the sensitivity of this sermon (lol)…. Everybody is checking their books… When it talks about fornicators, it illustrates it with a guy named Esau.. Iv’e been meditating about Esau all week.. You don’t hear that name often.. You hear about Jacob… It should have been the the God of Isaac, The Abraham, and Esau… but he Esau lost it all because he was hungry.. He came back and his brother Jacob had a bowel of porridge.. Jacob made a deal with Esau.. I would say he tricked him.. but I’m just gone say he was stupid…. If I say I will trade you that Royals Royce for a handkerchief… If you do it, you are just stupid.. Esau traded his birth rights over a permananent  decision over a temporary situations… I want to warn you about making temporary decision on permanent issue… When you consider you are giving away your future.. For the next 30 minutes you are giving away the next 30 years… In one way or another, all of us have done something stupid… I have done something so stupid… I graduated from Stupid University with honors… I appall myself, and say how could you do something so STUPID… What’s disturbing me in the text… Misery love company… It is very difficult to live a long life and not do something stupid.. We talk about other peoples stupidity, but we don’t remember our stupidity… Go and look at your pictures so you can remember… Esau did something stupid, but we all have and have to live with the consequences of our own stupidity… It was not that the stupidity bothered him but the permanent decision he made which made him loose his future… What he could not change because what he did in his life.. He was caught in a system of stupidity that he could not change… You repeat the same mistake over and over again.. Some of us get stuck on stupid and we keep going after the same kind of person or the same.. We keep living beyond our means… The frustration to change.. The desire to change and not be able to do it.. He lost his inheritance and forfeited his inheritance over a bowl of soup…. All of us know people that are stuck in a pattern.. You can go back and look at dumb the 4th, dumb the 3rd’s.. dumb-the-dumb-dumb, dumb!!!!… What’s really funny is the person that goes back and keep marrying the same person or the same kind of person..

Repentance mean metanoia – It means to change.. He sought a change of intelligence with a lot of emotions… He sought repentance with many tears.. An emotional intelligence does not seek people to change.. I’m a sucker for some tears, and assume people are like me.. If I love you, I will draw your name on the refrigerator.. Then if I got to crying and got really mad, you are in trouble… My tears run north and south and my nose get wide like a rhinoceros and my lips get to shivering.. I’m amazed by people that can cry and be lying at the same time and be lying through their teeth… Just be lying!!!!!! (wow)…. 

Esau sought a change of mind which was in a pivotal direction… It is not a near notion or possibility.. It becomes so radical that it effects behavior.. This is not something that you will have to do often.. These are those big directional change… 

Can I go deeper with this….. Maybe this will help you to see what I am saying.. If you go on the computer, it has default setting.. The default sets in the computer some principals and ideas.. If you default it will automatically take you back to the default setting.. It’s more than changing the fonts… It’s nothing more powerful than a changed mind… All we did was change the font.. Whatever we type in, we change the fonts.. It really has not change because when it comes back up, it goes back to default… There situation has not changed… When they are around church people they change.. When they get around certain people they change… Then when they go home, they go back to default.. .The problem is, when you got back to yourself, you go back to that same old pattern.. You keep praying about it, but it still keep happening to me.. I’m breaking into someone’s pray saying: Lord, why do I keep going throught the same thing… There is no problem with your sentence, there is a problem with your default because you have not changed your mind… You changed everything else, but you did not change your mind.. There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind.. Whether you do it in one step or 12 twelve steps, you still change… When you get sick and tired, you completely change… There are some women in the church that use to be easy… Mack daddy would roll up on you and you would fall for it… But when you changed your mind!!!! There is nothing more powerful than a person with a changed mind… Tell your neighbor that you changed your mind… NOTHING IS AS POWERFUL AS A CHANGED MIND!!!!!! Donna, come here… Can I ask you a question… How much do you weigh? She replied: 112 pound.. I’m just a little shy… I’m about 3 times as bigger than her… So I say.. You will get up when I say… You will do what I do… I have the resources and I have the name.. He gives an illustration of he bullying her, but all of that changes when she changes her attitude.. I don’t care how little you are, there is nothing greater until you change your mind.. I changed my default settings… I’m not going to fall back into the person I was.. I changed my setting… I’m getting ready to change some defaults.. How many people are going to start changing so they can have a new normal.. That’s what repentance is:” A NEW NORMAL.  I am about to have a new normal.. I’m going to stop falling back in the same old default settings. If I have to go by myself, I will go because I am changing my default setting.. The only way to get off of welfare and higher your education is to change your default setting.. I dare you to go into your phone booth like Clark Kent, and come out changed… I will not let you abuse me.. I will not let you talk down to me because I have changed my settings… 

Let me tell you what’s better than emotions… It’s a decision… I dare you to make a decision.. If you make the decision, it might not have any emotions in it at all.. The Prodigal son was about to eat with the pigs until he came to himself… The pigs, the disgrace could not hold him…. Look at someone and say I changed my mind.. It’s my prerogative to change my mind!!!!! 

Once you change the default settings and you have a new normal.. There may be new moments and new occurrences where you find yourself typing in your old fonts, the devil will come along and say that you have not been changed… It’s not that you will not mess up and do what you use to do, it’s just that it’s not your normal… You will not go back to where you use to be.. Both the sheep and the pig can go back to their default.. The pig likes to be in their mess but the sheep knows it don’t’ belong in it.. The sheep will cry and yell because it knows it don’t’ belong in the mud… Once you change your default settings, life will make you worry something.. But Faith will drive you back.. Do you know that God has brought you too far to leave you… Faith did not bring you this far to leave you.. It’s not that…

The battle ground between right and wrong and derogatory is fighting for your settings… Whatever a man does, so is he.. If you don’t change your mind…. I used that illustration about the small woman, because when she changed her mind, her man could no longer hold her captive… Understand that about being able to read, ignorance.. There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind.. The devil does not mind if you come to church, if you preach, or shout all over the church.. THE DEVIL ONLY MINDS IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND!!!!!! Culture change our defaults.. Our circumstances all around us.. Culture is nothing over CHRIST… Culture is nothing but things that have been implanted in you… Are you willing to change your mind, or will you be in prison in your mind because you don’t want to change.. Esau was unsuccessful because he was not willing to change his mind… I use to be the kind of person that you could treat me any kind of way… I use to laugh when they use to tickle me… So I decided that I was not going to be ticklish.. I decided I would not longer respond to the tickling with laughter, but I no longer responded the way I use to respond… At 55 years old, I am no longer ticklish because I used mind over matter… When I learned the principal; that when you make up your mind to change, you can change.. Esau died in mediocre see and died like a fool because he refused to changed.. You don’t have to be an alcoholic, or there is something in your life you don’t like, you have the power within your mind to change it… If you repent, the Lord said, I will open up a window of heaven and pour you out a blessing, or you will die because you refused to change your mind…

This is a game changer… The alter for us is the place where we change default settings and develop a new normal and break all systems and develop a change.. I know there are saints with sinners problems… I know people that are stuck in bad choices, but they really want to change… Something went off in their head, repent… metanoia. I change the way I think, I can change the way I live.. This type of change is only achievable where there is the conviction of the Holy Spirit.. It gives you the power to change… I don’t’ want anyone to come to the alter if you don’t plan on changing your setting.. I don’t care who you are.. I want you to change your setting… There is nothing more powerful as a changed mind… The only thing we care about is people that have been stuck… I will not die in the wilderness of my desperately.. There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind.. This is not about people, this is about your life.. .You are coming to to alter because you are about to change your default settings… You will not stay the same.. The enemy may come with the same old tickling sensation, but I will not respond the same.. God gave us free will… God wants you to be in agreement with him… The question is will though be made whole.. You can keep running to church until you run out of gas, but you will never change until you change your mind… At midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and suddenly there was a noise and a shaking, and things changes… Some of it may be envious, jealously.. Whatever it is, you must change… Today I decide that I am going to change my settings.. Come right now… Don’t be no under cover agent and stay like you are.. You have to make a change.. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? I feel the anointing all around the alter.. The glory of the Lord is already moving.. The spirit of the living God is moving.. Devil, you should have killed me while you had the chance.. We make an announcement that we shall be restored.. I declare a brand new normal. A brand new attitude.. I break down every yoke and imagination… Loose God’s woman, Loose God’s man, Loose God’s child and let them go… Praise them with your new self.. Praise him with convicted self.. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.. .Give him your best praise!!!! You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.. Nobody can hold you in when you decide to GET UP!!!!! LISTEN, I will not glamorize this moment.. You will be challenged.. The enemy will not go away because you came to the alter.. They will get discouraged if you don’t’ act the way you use to act… When yo have a stronghold in your life, you will have to fight but you wont’s have to fight that hard because you have a new normal will be terrorized by that thing that messed up your life.. If you never get anything that I preached, you need to hear this again and again until all of your settings have leveled out… Then your situation will not be that difficult… Resist the enemy and he will flee!!!! I don’t know why I feel like this but this is a breakthrough Sunday!!! We’ve had greater services but this is a breakthrough service… Somebody got a breakthrough.. There is nothing as powerful as a change mind.. THERE IS NOTHING AS POWERFUL AS A CHANGED MIND!!!! THERE IS NOTHING AS POWERFUL AS A CHANGED MIND!!!! IF YOU JUST CHANGED YOUR MIND, GIVE GOD SOME PRAISE!!! ~ Bishop T.D. Jake’s Ministries

 Sermon notes taken by: Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas… Notes are verbatim, uncut and unedited…Get the full sermon at The Potter’s House Store….

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