Sermon Title: “Nothing that you have been through will be wasted.” ~ Bishop T.D. Jake – 08/12/2012

Personal sermon notes takes by: Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas / I was truly blessed, delivered and set free by this word on today… Uncut / unedited for  your deliverance…. 

Bishop T.D. Jakes Ministries 08/12/2012 –

Neighbor, nothing that you have been through will be wasted.. Did you hear what I said?

Sermon Title: “Nothing that you have been through will be wasted.” ~ Bishop T.D. Jakes

Scripture Reading:
Exodus 3:1-6 (KJV) 3 Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb.

2 And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.

3 And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.

4 And when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.

5 And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.

6 Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God.

I’m going to attempt to continue my conversation with my congregation… It picks up from last Sunday.. There was a big nest in front of the church and he preached “Don’t die in your nest”… As the Eagle stirs their nest, by making it uncomfortable for them to rest… God will make things uncomfortable for you to stir you up… So you can stretch your gifts so you can know that you are an eagle… People were flapping there wings.. It was an inner conviction so people could flap their wings and fly like an eagle… Moses was a prime example of that… He grew up in luxury under the mantle of and Egyptian King in the lap of luxury taking it easy.. We are still studying the Egyptian empire, and it’s pyramid still points up towards the heavens.. They were powerful peoples… Moses was just there chilling until they stirred his nest… When the nest is stirred up, all hell breaks loose… Just because something does not work in your life does not mean you are under satanic attack… It means you were trying to rest where you were… It may because that person, place or thing has been completed… You have to see yourself the way God sees you… You have to see yourself soaring… It requires more effort… When mamma stop feeding you, you find yourself hungry because the food aint coming.. Here comes the problems and the thorns are coming up and I don’t have the energy or grace to go through it… When you have the grace to go through it, you can do it.. When grace stops you find it harder to do and you have to move to the next dimension.. People will attack you and bring up what you did… You should be careful what you do because you have to live with it… He was now escaping what … He had an epiphany…You have those spiritual awakening that will change your life.. He had a change that changed his life for 40 years.. He was a Hebrew boy, but he was raised with the Egyptians.. He was to Egyptian to be Hebrew and too Hebrew to be Egyptian…

I want to talk to people who’s resume has been censored.. I want to talk to people that want to only tell  part of their testimony…  Mamma was a good mother, but it’s complicated… Daddy was a good man, but its complicated… That other stuff that we leave out helps us to shape who we are… Moses was educated and well respected, but it was not like he could hang with the Hebrews… They heard his speech and said” HE talked like the other people…” He was apart of the Egyptian life style.. He kind of belonged to the palace, but it was complicated… Have you ever had family reunion? hmmm..  There is no couple that has been happy for 50 years.. You only telling the good part… You don’t tell when you have been going off about that secretary and all that stuff that married people go through.. I know there are some divorced folks in the room that know what I am talking about… If you buy that bologna that you see on T.V., but in real life it’s not always what it seems…It’s sometimes complicated… People come to my house and say, you own this… Yes, but it’s complicated… I own it but I have to pay the note… You have to be careful what you complain about…

Moses, he was eating good and living good, then bad got worst and the eagle had stirred the nest, and now he is in a wilderness he had never been in before… He did not know nothing about the wilderness because he was raised in a good place… He did not even know what plants he could eat.. He had to figure it all out because he was in a new place.. Has life ever put you in a new place…

He was in the desert and God left him in the desert for 40 years.. He ran into Jethro and he schooled him about what to eat and taught him a little bit of something of how to survive in a dry place… Jethro told him that he had some work for him to …. He said, what’s work? He was raised wealthy in Pharaohs house… All information is not transferable from one world to another.. If you want to survive in this, you have to come learn… Anytime you step into a new arena, you have to humble yourself and become a student again.. This is a test of pride… Can you do what you got to do where the Lord has placed you, so you can move from one level to the next? Then you have to keep taking the class over and over and over again because you did not learn the first time… Jethro told Moses to lead the sheep.. When you see sheep in the picture you can’t smell the picture… You have to take you some Lysol… Them pictures of sheep have been photo enhanced… They have odor…. They should bottle that smell… Not even a mosquito would want to bite something that smell like that… Now they are asking him, where is your God now? Look at you running around here now, you use to be a King, and now you caring for the sheep… If you don’t see your self operating the way you dream, you will find yourself running around feeling like a failure…

All of a sudden, he had an epiphany… God is the master of SUDDENLY… Sometimes, your life will take a turn and you do not even know how it happened or you even see it coming… His life changed for 40 years.. He had 80 years of an identity crisis and not fitting in with anyone.. He could not quite bond with anyone.. He could relate to all but was connected none..

I want to talk to some misfit people… There are a few misfit people that don’t fit in with anyone… He never wanted you to fit in…. If he would have fit in with the Egyptians, he would not be able to rebuke who he had been sleeping with… The LORD IS LEADING YOU FROM GLORY TO GLORY… God is about to give you an epiphany.. If you hear the words that are coming out of my moth.. Give God some praise… Look at your neighbor and say it’s not over, God is not finished with you, take another step…. When he took that next step, he ran into that epiphany… Oh my God, this burning bush.. He kept on going but he did not get it until he turned around.. lf I expose you to something and you don’t’ get it, it’s not for you..If it don’t draw you, it’s not for you. If its for you, and I try to walk away, you can’t…. He did not speak to him when he was exposed to the bush.. The bible says when Moses turned around, and he realized that he was attracted to it… How bad do you want it?  I don’t know what it means, but I cant’ walk away.. I can’t walk away from a bush that has the secret.. Your destiny is in the fire.. If you run from the fire, you run from your destiny.. The destiny is the fight…

When God called to him and he turned to the side.. God said.. Moses.. Do you have something calling you.. Take off your shoes… The ground you stand on… What’s holy about this ground? It’s holy because I am there… Every stage of your life is Holy because God is there.. How come you are not accepting God in the stage you are in… Have it where you are.. Things that make you say awee….. If you curse where God takes you, you will not reach where God is leading you.. You were trying to lead the children of Israel that you knew nothing about.. Now when you get ready to lead some people, you will have accredibility… I taught you how to struggle, but it did not mean I was not going to help you, but I wanted you go through so you could help somebody else.. It’s not wasted… What you went through was not in vein.. It’s not wasted.. Working them two jobs just to bring your children up.. It’s not wasted.. Glory to God!!

You know I was almost grown before I figured out that we were poor.. How could you be someone that take your kids to ballets and symphonies, and your go home and feed your children spaghetti and ketchup? hmmm… When I heard my father talking taxes back then I did not understand…

They will  put you in jail if your parents leave you in a car nowadays.. When you are poor, you learn how to fan…

What you went through may look like delays, but please know that nothing you endured was wasted… God is about to get you ready for everything he is about to do in your life..

God went down there to tell Moses to tell Pharaoh, to let my people go!  He could relate to the Hebrews.. He said, I am that I am that sent me.. Let my people go… If Moses had not gone through the wilderness he would not have been able to endure… He said there were some things he learned in the dessert… I learned that as a single mother.. I learned when I was a divorcee… I learned how to survive around people who hate me… I learned how to survive… I’m a survivor.. I’ve been the dessert.. I’ve survived all types of serpents and witches…. The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear…. In this I shall be confident…

He brought them out, because he had been there before… If you done it, you know because you have been there before!!

Moses, I’ve been snake bitten, what do I do? Well since I been there I know what to tell him… Nothing you have been through will be wasted…

What college did you go Harvard? No, I graduated from the University of Sheep-dump with a major in ____ and minor in___… Everything was practice, that lead me up to lead now…

When he was younger they let him practice accountability.. If you look back over your life and the uniqueness of your complications.. Whatever you are going to be, you already are because of your form… And Moses lead the sheep in the wilderness, and then he comes back years later and is leading the people through the wilderness…

Each dimension will take you to a new level… All things work together for the good to them that love the Lord… It may not feel good, but God is has peeping you for what you were gong to do anyways all your life… You broke you and humbled you in the wilderness… He humbled you so when you got to the high place you would remember… Whenever you are in the process.. Nothing you have been through has not been wasted.. What you thing that is a battle is a training exercise…

Lord if you would have been here, my brother would not have died… If I wanted your brother to have died, I could alive… I wanted to show you that he could be raised from the dead to show you that there is nothing to hard for God.

I don’t beleive in aboration.. When God impregnates you, you have to go through the whole process..

Nothing that you have been through shall be wasted.. You have a God that is about to bring it all together.. The rebuke the spirit of frustration…. I command it to go in the name of Jesus!!!! I decree and declare that a release is coming to your ministry and your life… I pray that God opens up a window from heaven and pour you out a blessing that your won’t have room enough to receive… Out of your belly, let your river flow!!!!!!!! TAKE ME HIGHER!!! GOD IS ABOUT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER… LET IT FLOW~!!!! Let it flow!!!! OPEN UP YOUR MOUTH AND LET FLOW.. IT’S GOTTA LET IT COME OUT OF YOUR BELLY… It can’t come out of your friend’s, it’s got to come out of your mouth… I decree and declare the day of despising where you are is over… In all things you should give thanks… Right where you are… In the middle of your situation, open up your mouth and praise him!!! Yes.. Every time you praise him, a devil flees.. Every time you praise him, a door open.. You step into a brand new dimension!!!!

God is going to use everything that you have been through!!!!! I’ve been delivered!!!

Give God some Praise!!! Hallelujah.. The spirit of aggravation, low self esteem, the spirit of worry has just left the building.. Let the redeem of the Lord say so!!!!

When you get to number 7 go into a crazy praise!!!

Touch somebody with the anointing on them, and the anointing is going to fall you…. Everything that is connected to God is going to get a break through,,,

The devil is liar, he’s been telling you that your lfie is joke, but the devil is about to get a rude awakening… Give God a #3 Victory Praise for your deliverance!!!!!

I got it now… I see it, I see it now… It’s all working for my good and it shall come to pass….

“Victory Today is Mine!!!!”

Sermon Title: “Nothing that you have been through will be wasted.” ~ Bishop T.D. Jake – 08/12/2012

Personal sermon notes takes by: Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas