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3 things in life that never come back when gone:


3 things in life that never come back when gone:

3 things in life that should never be lost:

3 things in life that are most valuable:

3 things that make a person:

3 things that can destroy a person:

3 things in life that are constant:

3 people who love you and who will never leave you alone:
– The Father
– The Son
– The Holy Spirit

I asked God for these three things:
– To bless you
– To guide you
– To ALWAYS protect


Lord, help me to hold out……

Proverbs 14:1 The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
New International Version (NIV)

Good morning to my WIFI Ministries Family and Friends all around the world… Truly I am happy on today… Just thanking God that I can feel his presence no matter where I am…    I just pray right now in the name of Jesus, that he help us to hold out and help us defeat the things in our lives that distracts us from feeling close to God…  I pray right now that every hindrance be used to strengthen and make us better as we rise above every obstacle and circumstance that may be placed in our way…    God,  just help us to hold out, because truly we know that our living is not in vain, and with your help and  your help alone if we ask,  you will help us in whatever area it is that we struggle…  I claim it done right now!!!

I pray that each of you have a blessed day as I am as I celebrate all week long my life and beautiful birthday on tomorrow, April 11, 2012!!!!   Praise him, and yes God is so good!!! I don’t have everything that I want, but I thank God for giving me everything that I need!!!!

– Keep fighting and just hold on!!!

“It aint over until God says it’s over!”    

hold out – a. To have and keep in one’s grasp: held the reins tightly. b. To aim or direct; point: held a hose on the fire. c. To keep from falling or moving; support: a nail too …” Just hold on!!!” 

Posted by:  Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas  April 10, 2012