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There is life after death for those that are believers



World In Focus International Ministries on side of logoWhen our family, friends or someone we love and care about deeply transitions, it is never an easy process. Nevertheless, it should make the process easier to accept, find peace and comfort in knowing if they were saved and accepted “Jesus C.hrist” as their personal savior that they are at home safe in the arms of God.

We should rejoice and celebrate their life because in God’s word it tells us that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

The apostle Paul appears to tell us that something better than our current lives, namely being in the presence of God, awaits us after death, when we depart from our bodies.

In the natural, it’s still rough for most of us to process, and for some, it takes a little time, but eventually we will get there. It seems like as soon as we accept one death, there goes another and it seems to never stop, convincing me that you must be ready when God calls your name!