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 Greetings to all of our WIFI Ministry Subscribers, visitors, family and friend’s, greetings to you all…. I pray all is well in your life.. I pray God’s blessing on every plan and desire God has given to you in the mighty name of Jesus!  I pray the Lord do it for you!!!! ~ Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas 8/21/2012 


“When the truth of God’s word hit me hard a few years ago, I came to one conclusion- I appreciate my experiences and the person I have become inspite of my short comings. This is the only way you can move forward despite your past and what it represents. Ebenezer simply means this is how far God has brought us!”
~Pastor  Joe Akuno

“May The Work I’ve Done Speak For Me” – The O’Neal Twins

Lord Do It For Me (DVD) – The Dynamic Holy Spiritualaires,”Celebrating 40 Years


Marvin Sapp – My Testimony

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