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Ephesians 3:20-21  (NKJV) ” Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.  Amen.”


23rd psalms


To all of our WIFI family, Friends, and  subscribers,  we would personally like to take the time  to simply say “Thank You” for being a valued  individual of ” World In Focus International Ministries“.  I just wanted  you all to know that this past 18 month journey  I’ve been on with the passing of my Father, and all of the residual drama left behind caused a temporary distraction to my personal and spiritual life,  not allowing me to focus on the things of God, and resulting in some of our modalities of our online ministry to be neglected.  There were times that we were not  able to  answer your calls,  prayer requests, emails, etc.  I make no excuses and want to let you all know that life will throw you some curve balls that you had absolutely nothing to do with or asked for.

The  bible only instructed us  to honor our  PARENTS and love them as instructed in the book of Exodus 20:12,  which reads as follow: “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

Nevertheless,  all I went through and is still going through,  I do  believe that it’s a part of  the plan God has for my life!!!  This bible  didn’t say to honor our parents  if they did everything right or wrong.  It just instructs us to honor them.  That is why I accepted the assignment, dropped everything in my life to help take  care  of and see after my Father.    I did exactly  what my father asked me to do from the goodness of my heart.  When you love someone,  there is nothing too much you could give to them.. You will drop everything,  no matter what inconvenience it could cost you.  I want to remind someone that in this life, we get one shot, and one shot only!  We get  one set of biological parents to love, so I have no regrets. The good part is, through it all, I survived, and I’m much stronger in my faith and my walk with God!!

When trying times come in our lives, lean on God’s word that is being released into the atmosphere.  I just thank God for various online ministries that imparted into my life when I was so low until all I could get was an online word.  I was and still is today, being fed by some of the finest Pastors on this land.   When you are in a very dry place, you need others to pray for you, stand with you, and to love  on you until your personal and spiritual health has been restored (restoration).    Nevertheless,  I stood on the word of God, and believed him for the things I did not understand. The guidance that was being deposited into my life was priceless..

Nevertheless,  my Father preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and carried the great message of FAITH and GRACE everywhere he went. I  want everyone to know that he fought a good fight, and he kept the faith and he  finished his course on December 22, 2013.  Although, he is gone, what he deposited spiritually into my spirit can’t be bought..  I’m  honored that my Father chose and trusted me enough to be his Power Attorney over his life to make many vital medical  decisions when he got to the point where he was unable to do for himself,  or make his own medical decisions.  He knew that we were on the same spiritual FAITH wave link, and I would stand and believe with him for his healing, and  carry out the final wishes he wanted to take place in the final chapter of his life.  All five wishes were granted. I even managed to make contact with his son that he had not seen since he  was 33-years-old.   My brother and I both alike are the same age with him being one month older than I, and he has a different mother.   It happened in God’s timing.  I remember laying in the hospital, and something told me to check my messages,  and low and behold when I did there was a message from my brother’s caretaker saying that  she would love for my Dad to see his son.  The connection was made, and I gave her the information from a hospital where I was being held against my will.

At this time, I was no longer allowed at bedside with my Dad because there was a big confrontation that broke out between the new attending physician and myself who took it upon himself to verbally change my father’s final five wishes, which my Father chose to exercise his faith and do everything possible to keep him alive until the Lord called him home… See, man wanted to plant in his head to go ahead and be a (DNR) do not resuscitate in the case he stopped breathing as they removed him from the ventilator before my very eyes with security standing around me and an irate nurse who had a problem with me asking  this physician: “WHAT PART OF MY DAD’S ADVANCE  DIRECTIVES  DIDN’T HE UNDERSTAND?” From there, everything went downhill after the nurse jumped in my face and their hospital security forcefully threw me out of the hospital after they let me watch respiratory therapy unhook him from the ventilator and all the machines that he did not need anyways because he was already in the palm of the hands of the Lord. It was just a matter of it being his appointed time.   So they said I could not return to the hospital because I disrespected the physician.  Not in all of my years in the medical field,  had I ever heard of anything so assigning.  I was the one being disrespected and my Dad’s written advance directives were not being honored and I was livid.  They knew that I would enforce my Dad’s last testaments which is called “Advance Directives” that the patient choose how they want to be treated in their final days and all of their wishes are carried out, and my job as a daughter first, and then his appointed  Power of Attorney was to give my DAD what he wanted, and that was to exercise his faith down to his last breath.  He just asked to be made comfortable with meds.  It was a real nightmare, unheard of that a doctor would step in and try and change someone’s advance directives.  It was my Dad’s choice to believe that God was going to heal him.  Even after they took him off of the ventilator he lived another 30 days, and long enough to receive one final visit from his son, and even so, my brother was given the opportunity  to attend his Father’s  funeral.  I did not attend the funeral because I just was not strong enough at the time; I was broken!!

Nevertheless, all I went through was worth it, because my Dad was not going to leave this land until what he asked for  was fulfilled,  and  God’s will was done in his life.

I want to encourage someone and let them know that God has the final say over our lives,  not man!  The bible says we shall live out until our appointed time, and he did that with or without me being at his bedside.  After which, I called to the hospital throughout the the night to see how my father was doing, only to be treated nasty by various nurses and staff that answered the phones.  The next day, the director of the hospital (Mary Ann Patton) told me the next day that she instructed the staff to hang up in my face, which was wrong on all levels even to treat a dog in that manner that was losing their parent. I was grieving.  Then the next day, I received a call from that same director of the hospital who stood at my Father’s bedside , and put him on the phone for me to talk to him, and all I could ask my Dad was: “why didn’t you protect your advance directives or me?  His final words: “I DON’T KNOW!”  I began to weep uncontrollably, because  I did  what my Dad  had asked me to do before he became unable to care for himself.  He signed the notarized document which was witnessed by two other people, and his  advance directives should have been honored.  I told my Dad, if he ever want to check that (DNR)  box, that was his right too, and I would have supported him in anyway he wanted the final chapter of his life to end..

So now, in the next hour, I get a knock upon my door, and it was our local  Irvine  police, saying they were called by the Hospital in Torrance where my Dad  was slowly transitioning, asked them to come out and check on me… #really???  I open the door and said: good afternoon officers, may I help you?  Then they began to say how the hospital director was worried about me, but they saw I was at ease because I had heard my Father’s voice, which would be the final time ever that I would hear or see him again.  I never had a problem with him dyeing, because my bible tells me that when we get to heaven we all will get a new glorified body, and if we live right down here on this earth, we will see our loved one’s again.  That is my Dad’s teachings, straight from the bible which often rolled off the fruit of his lips.  Daddy was a real praiser by the way!!!

The police went away for two hours, and then returned to my house again, and said they were just checking on me.  I noticed this time,  every time I tried to go inside my home, one officer just kept talking to me, and again,  I was ok, because I had heard my Dad’s voice and I was so happy that he did not expire that night even after being induced into  a comma prior to, which I signed the papers authorizing them to induce him into a comma at certain hours of the day so his body could rest.  My Dad was very feeble as they removed him from the ventilator,  but I was at ease because I knew God was in control of his life… It was never I, but God working all the time.  I am certain that Dr. was so wrong on  so many levels, but was so right that “your” services,  (meaning me) were no longer needed and said that my Dad was capable of making his own decisions.  At this point  it was evident that none of our services were needed, he was slowly transitioning.  It would have been in their best interest to just leave good enough alone since he was going to die anyways, but  just not when  they wanted him too.  He was very adamant about exercising his faith.  His faith in God brought him his last final wish, and that was to see his child.. It happened!!

After the Irvine police tricked me and entertained me for over two hours,  there drives up the Torrance Police cop car to my house with Irvine police standing back watching as the officer from Torrance jumps out of his cop car, threw me down on the ground in a short dress and no shoes on and began pouncing on me in front of my child who was 10-year-old at the time.  He claimed, I resisted arrest, when all I was doing was trying to get my shoes which were at the door as I was being rushed with excessive force which equates to police brutality that I did not deserve.  He never read me my rights or said what I did wrong.  Later on I was told that the nurse told a lie, and said the night before, I called the hospital floor and talked to her and said I was going to get her.  I never said anything of that nature, and to this day, no phone records were produced by this hospital with me saying such, but the Torrance police drove 50 miles to Irvine, CA on a lie, and hearsay with no proof.  All hell broke loose from there after I was arrested for only carrying out my Father’s Advance Directives. Of note, someone cut my car tires with a blade that I took over to the Torrance police department a few days before the main incident, and filed a report with them to pull the surveillance video to see who had vandalize my car at that same hospital.  To this date,  no surveillance camera video from the valet services were produced to address my complaint, but the nurse who I don’t have a clue what she looked like would get prompt services from that same officer that took my police report and said he would help me find out who vandalized my car at the hospital.  He was the same officer who took my report , but brought with him the baddest corrupt cop he could find to beat the living daylights out of me for nothing.  Once at the station, the same police officer who came to my home with about 10 more officers dressed in hazmat suits came into my cell,  put a bag over my head backwards,  and rushed me, and I was already on the ground, which I had been there sitting over 2 hours.  In my mind, I was thinking, what chance did I have against 10 police officer and one was videotaping the whole ordeal as that same cop who brutally attacked me in front of the Irvine police at my home, took the lead again and it was all she wrote.  I could have been killed.  The cop thought he would try and finish me off.  What he did not know was I have had to fight the enemy all of my life for no reason at all.  The other nine officers backed off, and it was just he and I, and I gave it all I had if I was going to die and I did not care. They did all of that, just to put me in a chair that looked like an electrocuting type chair on wheels, only to wheel me over to the fingerprinting station.  Surely, I could have peacefully walked over there without being rushed by 10 officers.  Then after which, the ambulance team shows up and they transferred me to Harbor General hospital where my Dad’s ex fiance who stuck by his side every step of the way, and she knew my story, would later on be my nurse at the hospital where I found favor.  What were my odds of being taken to a random hospital and be cared for by my Dad’s fiance.  She literally fed me, bathed me, and called my oldest son to let him know that I was ok and I was in her care.  Then later, I would be transferred back to an Orange County Hospital where I was there for almost 2 1/2 weeks,  after I had been assaulted and punched in the face by the light skin african american cop who violated me at my home and the police station.  The hospital took pictures of all of my scars, wounds and bruises, which I have the pictures in my possession.  Only God can make a person like me look so good  after being so brutally abused for no reason at all.

After I got home, I found out that the nurse had the audacity to file a restraining order on me that I could not answer because I was in the hospital, and to top it off,  the Torrance police sends me a letter after I was released from the hospital, saying there is a warrant for my arrest.  Of note, I did not ask to leave the jail to go to the hospital.  They took it upon themselves to let me go, and the doctor released me to home.  After which, I was not going to the Torrance police station ever for no peaceful surrender.  I later would have to contact an attorney, and I did not stop until I got the answers I needed to be free.  They instructed me that I could surrender to any city police station, and I did, and it was about a 30 minute process, posted bail and I was on my way, and have been on my way every since, free!  One attorney told me that I was facing 14 years in prison for what I did.  What did I do?  I cared for my Father.  To this date all charges were dropped but I’m not satisfied because no justice was served to the hospital, the wicked doctor or the cop who brutally beat me.  I want justice but I could not live out a trial, for what they said.  So I took the lil deal and that was 150 hours of community service, and 52 counseling sessions.  For what?  Should I have been treated like a dog for doing good, and what I was asked to do.  I want to sue these organizations so bad, but it was so painful and I could not find a good attorney to help me, and to this date, it puzzles me, why did I have to go through all of this?  Never had a prior record, and had never been in trouble with the law ever, and all of a sudden I’m  a criminal for carrying out my Father’s final 5 wishes.  To this date, I do not know what this nurse looks like or would I be able to identify her even the next day.. The nurse was not my concern or my business.  I was only concerned about my Dad and his well being.

So, even when we do a good deed for others, you never know what lessons you may have to learn or what God may want to teach you in the process. I learned “LOVE” on a new level.  Lets just say, I got the unexpected, and today, I’m still  standing  tall with a smile on my face as I blog this inspiration to the world.  There is a message above in the scripture: Exodus 20:12,  and I did my part.  See,  I hear God speaking loudly saying to someone today other than myself: NO CROSS, NO CROWN!!!!

There is a cross for all of us, no one is exempt.  Most of us think we should always be up  and no trials will ever come.  Wrong, they will come, but the good thing is knowing how to deal with them when they do.  That is why it is so important to build our lives on a solid foundation so when the wind blows, your house may crack, and things may shut down but know it’s still nothing besides what Jesus went through.  They made him carry his own cross.  They beat him; they talked about him; they nailed him to that old rugged cross so you can I can know that we too can take it, and just like Jesus, after he carried his cross, they pierced him in the side and the precious blood came streaming down, but he never said a mumbling word.  Sometimes we just have learn how to be quiet and let Jesus fight our battles.  What they did not know is that Jesus had all power in his hands to do exceedingly, and abundantly to come up off of  his cross if he wanted too, but he said in John 2:19 “Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” Jesus, he did just what he said he would do from the 6th to the 9th hour and he got up one Sunday morning with all power in his hands.

It took me longer to get back to you all, because after being  misused, lied on, talked about, literally beat down , then could not see my Father the last 30 days of his life was painful, but I kept the faith, and I carried my cross.  No it did not feel good, but in the end God fixed it all.  God is just sitting back waiting on us to believe that he can do anything but fail.  He is able to turn your life around and fix everything that seem so impossible.  We will encounter situations that will  break in our earthly house and vessels, but if we learn to lean on our eternal father, Jesus who is able to do anything but fail.  I’m going to say it again: “Things will break”.  Just like a good looking car with a perfect outer body,  breaks down too, and when it does, you may find yourself stopped in your tracks, distracted and even frustrated.  Just relax, it’s a normal reaction.  The good part is, there’s  an expert mechanic waiting somewhere to fix your internal problems that you had nothing do with it.  I can hear someone saying, well I followed the  recommended manual that came with the car, and you did everything  you were required  to do to keep it running right, but it still did not stop it from breaking down.  You changed the oil, you took the car in for a major servicing,  and sometimes I even gave it a tune up and put new spark plugs in it,  just so it could be dependable on the road.  No matter what situation you find yourself in, God is still there.   I’ve been in church all my life, I love the Lord with all my heart, I have professed Jesus Christ to be center of my life, but I heard God say:  I want to give you some fresh oil, a new burning desire to serve and love me even the more.. I tell you, I thought I had a relationship with God before this ordeal…  If I didn’t, I promise you,  I do now!  I’ve never felt so close to God, because he is close to the person that is broken hearted.  All he want us to do is surrender everything for him, and let his will be done in our lives.  Sometimes he just wants see if we will remain faithful, and still serve and praise his Holy Name when the road gets rough… You can rest assure he will NEVER leave you alone!!!

I want you to know,  just like the Lord did it for me these past 18 months, he can do it for you too!  I want to encourage someone and let them know that there is nothing to hard for our God to solve.  Our God is faithful, and he waits on us until we are ready.  He is able to do  exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ever ask or think.. Stop right here, take a deep breath, and just shout out his precious name: “JESUS!”

Remember this when you’re going through: “NO CROSS, NO CROWN!!”  I know someone is wondering why must we bear our cross alone?  See, there is a cross for everyone and I know there is a cross for me; however, after you have bared your cross, and you stood the test of time, God has a crown waiting on you and I!!!

Love you all so much!! Please continue to keep me and my family in prayer as we resolve unfinished business left behind from my Father’s estate.  God is able to fix that situation too!!!

I believe!!!!

gold cross and crown

Oh yeah, p.s.: Just wanted to share with you all that the precious Lord Jesus allowed me to see another year..  Yes,  “APRIL”  is my birthday month, and the Lord allowed me to see another year on April 11..  I tell you, I am so grateful and thankful for my life!!!  I’ve been celebrating all month long, with family and friends..  I feel like  I should celebrate for the rest of my life,  after all the hell I’ve been through..  But I am a realist, and until the end of the month, I’m going out of my way to do great things  that would  deem sufficient this entire  month.  I just want the world to know that it is ok to celebrate your life, your accomplishments, and celebrate the things you have overcome!!!   I’m out family, and I just wanted to let somebody know that with God, all things are possible if we just believe!!! The most important part is that my FAITH is strong, and the  sun is shining again in my life because we serve a God of light!!! “Happy Birthday” is in order!! #life #celebrate

Here is an inspirational song that blessed my soul when I was going through… I hope you listen up and be blessed… #sang #vickie

Vickie Winans-No Cross, No Crown