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Don’t give up the fight…

Proverbs 18:21  (KJV)  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”



Sometime in this life, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves, being NOT afraid to get dirty and fight against spiritual warfare..  I find letting go and letting God requires you to let your guard down and get loose for Jesus..  No one can be pretty all the time, especially when the Holy Spirit takes over.  I invite the Holy Spirit to take over and move self out of the way that he may be glorified and his will and God’s work can be done.. There’s no better feeling when the anointing falls upon you.  When you pray in the spiritual realm, and God’s anointing come in, things have to change for the better! You will see healing take place, and lives change, marriages being restored, children obeying their parents, financing increasing, etc..    All I’m trying to say is  there is POWER in the name of Jesus!  We are made perfect only through Christ..  His LOVE makes us all beautiful from the inside out.  That alone should give us every reason to want to serve God and his people.

No matter what it looks like, TRUST God!!!   It may seem an uphill battle, but hold on to God’s unchanging hand.  Believe me, I”m not advising anything that I’m not doing myself.  I stand before you as a witness knowing that God is able!  He is able to do anything but FAIL!

Min. Evelyn Diane

Breaking the cycle


I’m lead to insert these songs of encouragement:

I Speak Life – Donald Lawrence and Company

He Has His Hands On You – Marvin Sapp

Letting go and let god

 Break Every Chain -Tasha Cobbs

A prayer from Bishop T.D. Jakes

my prayer for you today

Byron Cage – Broken But I’m Healed

Posted by:  Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas

D&T: 09/06/2013