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Family is so important.. I have a story to tell…

Jesus holding a family


The number one general question most single mothers are asked by their child before the age of 10-years-old is: “Mommy, where is my Daddy? It’s unfortunate that at the time the question is being asked there is possibly no answer.

On the other hand, when you take your child to their pediatrician, the ultimate question you are quite frequently asked when you have a child ranging from an infant-to-10-years-old is: Is your child up-to-date with their vaccinations? Why do they ask? I’m glad you asked? See, getting your child vaccinated on time will help protect him or her against 15 vaccine- preventable diseases and build up their immune system.

Well, the same way the vaccines build up a child’s immune system, a good mother is on the other hand thinking of 15 different ways to survive to raise, feed and clothe her child alone while their character and identity are being built in those impressionable years of their life from 0-10-years old. Whether you realize it or not, those first ten years of life are so essential.

As I sat on yesterday with great joy with the three women that I spent the first 10-years of my life with before I met my father at the age of 10-years-old, I felt like my life had made a complete circle and some and brought me back to a place and reminded me when there was only momma and my two sisters. I was truly an impressionable lad. My mom was always active in her church and community and always teaching us about the Lord and how he delivered her from a bad marriage and how she overcame the death of her 4-year-old son that was tragically killed by a drunk driver. The struggle was real for her, but she made it all look so easy. My oldest sister was 11-years-older than I and she was always like a 2nd mother to me. She is and always will be our Educational Specialist in the family. She was the example of example for girls of her time. Smart, ambitious, intelligent, and just so beautiful from the inside out in every way. She was a high school cheerleader, she worked at the hospital as a secretary when she was a teen and she helped my mom with us. She would cook for us, take us shopping and made sure we were up-to-date in our dress, and she always made school look easy. I was taking notes. Then that big day came and she was getting ready to leave us at 17 or 18-years-old off to a brand new world in Brentwood, CA where she would be admitted into one of the finest colleges in the country (UCLA) where she went on to get her degree in economics landing a phenomenal career in banking where the girl was awesome with that all mighty dollar. I was watching.. She became the best mentor any young girl could possibly have to this very day. We were then exposed to new people, new adventures and great opportunities through people she would introduce us to. The girl had me at 11-years-old, my mom and my sister selling Amway Finest products and we did good! She even inspired my mom to further her education and I remember my mom and my oldest sister both graduating from college in the 70’s. My mother got her degree in Child development and went on and was determined to get them Real Estate license and she has she has been a Realtor approximately 40 years and a retired-school nurse. My mommy even sold my son his first house where she now resides in an upscale community. I’m not bragging, but I”m trying to paint a clear picture of the single home I came from. I have not even got a word in yet about my middle sister who is so dear to me too. She is responsible for that hair, makeup, fashion and she also is an Educated sister with her Masters in Business Administration. She help SPOIL all the children in our immediate maternal side of our family down to my grandchildren and she is my youngest son Justin’s God mommy. I mean the best in the world!! No exaggeration.

I am truly on an amazing journey and I just wanted to share with a single parent or parent that may be struggling with the first question I ask in my opening. Don’t worry or stress about it, give it God, do your part and let God have his way in you and your child’s life. See, the bible gives us instructions in Proverbs 22:6, and it reads
“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” It’s simple and it’s true. God made all the difference in our lives. Just because your life does not seem perfect like everyone else, it’s still doable and you can make it!!!

I said all that to say this as I just wrote an insert for my book and life story: “Let My Baby Live” which will be filled with inspirations throughput my almost 50-year journey. Just because you don’t come from the traditional home, does not mean you cannot be a successful person. It took 10-years for me to accidentally run into my Father coming out of cleaners in North Long Beach, CA and our story began from there which was another unforgettable journey that entailed 38-years of my life up to his passing in 2013 that literally took my world apart. Little children need their Fathers too if at all possible.

However, the real journey was where it was at on yesterday with them “Bolden” sisters and Mother Bolden. That’s where it all began for a little old average girl like me!!!

That’s all I will release on today, but this story of my life is truly amazing, and it have not always been easy but it has been what God ordained for my life!!!

imageMe and my two sisters.

Posted by: Minister Evelyn Diane

D&T: 4/19/2015