The Lord is My Shepherd I shall not want….

Get connected to God, and stay connected~!

Hello  to all of my World In Focus International subscribers (WIFI Ministries), visitors, family and friend’s..  It’s been a while.. I’ve been in my own little secret place talking to God, and spending quality time with him seeking for greater direction… I love you all and I thank you for each comment, email, phone call and support you give to our ministry… This is our ministry because without you, I have no ministry.. God only gives so we can be a blessing to someone else….  That’s my only and whole intent for this sight is that my God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is glorified and his name is lifted on high…

I feel this so strongly in spirit on today… “The Lord is my Shepherd, and he has everything I need”  He has everything you need as well..  Let’s stand together strong and trust God for the things  we want to happen in our lives…  Usually, when the average person speaks of things, your mind automatically go to material goods…  I’ve gotten passed that point and seek God for things money can’t buy…. . Real love, real hope, real peace, real friend’s, real family, real relationship, real, real, real.. Jesus is real to me!!!!

The Lord Is My Shepherd – Whitney Houston
(performed by Cissy Houston)

Vickie Winans sings SAFE IN HIS ARMS

Posted by Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas – The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want for nothing!!!!  

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