Your pain is worth it if one soul accepts Jesus as their “PERSONAL” Lord and Savior

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Starting from the bottom and going back to the drawing board again is not so bad if the result are your child that had no intentions of accepting Christ for himself as his personal savior, came to me and said on May 10, 2014 08:15 a.m. that he wanted to be saved and he loves our Jesus, because he healed you and made you smile again.  My family know that we have been struggling with him about this invisible Jesus for 11-years. He was diagnosed with Autism at an early age, and he is a visual learner.  He was not buying it.  It just did not seem real to him, and he fought me on every hand when I said it’s time to get dressed for church.  He never wanted to go to church and be apart. We did get him to sing in the choir a few times, and he seemed to enjoy it. I knew he had it in him.

My job was to take him to hear the good news About Jesus.  The word of the Lord says his WORD will never come back void.  It is real, and it felt good in the privacy of our own living room to ask my own son do you accept Jesus Christ as your PERSONAL savior? He said yes, I ask him did he believe that Jesus hung, bled and died for our sins? He said yes!!!  Tears of joy took over and the Holy Spirit entered into the room, and I called a witness so man would not make God out of lie.  A replicable witness that Justin confessed to that he “HE LOVES JESUS~~” Ohhh weee, what mother can ask for better than that?

Of note: Justin Jeremiah Larkins” accepted Christ for himself and is truly now in the body of Christ on this day 5/10/2014.  He now knows the real meaning of what Jesus can and will do.  He was baptized as a little boy on  November 26, 2006 at the AME church.  He did not fully understand the journey at the time.   My son was diagnosed with autism when he was younger, and he is a visual learner, and us personally going through many of issues this past year and this past week, he saw with his own eyes how God works.

Justin accepting Christ  happened after I originally made a portion of this post on Facebook.  I realize now that everything that happened in our lives had to happen,  in order for God to get the glory…  This is what this Christian walk is all about.   If we are able to reach one soul at a time, God is well pleased.   It feels good to be here on earth to witness this beautiful day, and be the one to  officially welcome him in the body of Christ.

God is really pleased because” One”  soul came running this morning  on this day asking about our Jesus,  and asked  to be saved. His exact words: “He said he does not want to go down there with them roaches.”   Wow.. He heard that Pastor preach a sermon last Saturday that I sang at in Compton, CA.   God was already working it all out,  but I just could not see where he was going with all of this because I was blinded by all the trials of life had put on my plate.

My Daddy preached Jesus for almost 50 years, and it was his ultimate desire to his grandson get truly saved and accept Jesus. We had countless conversation about Justin, and Daddy would say, Just keep him before God, and we are going to keep praying.

Look what happens when a mother presses her way through the pain.    Mother’s day is what it should be now, that everyone in my life is accounted for and when I leave this earth, I know that ALL of my Children are saved and know Jesus for themselves.  That is a story worth anybody telling..

It does not matter what man thinks about you, the  only person that matter is my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who died for our  sins. For the most part, (Man)  has done nothing for me but belittle me from time to time on this journey called life,  but my Jesus will has made us perfect, whole and complete in him!!!

Posted by: Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas
May 10, 2014



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