Cast your cares upon him, because he cares for you!

◄ 1 Peter 5:7 ►

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Life has a way to beat you up and beat you down and you have no choice in the matter. No body wants to be sick. Nobody wants to feel used, or betrayed! Nobody wants to feel less than and nobody definitely don’t desire to walk around with guilt or shame. 

That’s why we worship and praise our God! When things aren’t like they are suppose to be in our lives, we can turn to our sweet saviour who died for us and he diedI that we may have life, and life more abundantly.  

When all hell has broken out in your life, just as well as when things are going good in your life, look to the hills whence comes your help, knowing that all of your help comets from the Lord! I’ve learned in these past 35 months to release or cast my cares on him (God), our Father Jesus because he cares for us!

Written by: Minister Evelyn Diane

◄ John 10:10 ►

Take your mind off of things that don’t nourish or edifying the body of Christ! Turn to your hobbies or read a good book like the Holy Bible and stay focused! ~ Minister Evelyn


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Minister Evelyn Diane Thomas
∂&т: 11/16/2016

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