Happy Birthday Sister Karen!

Sister Karen is our featured birthday for the month of November. We salute her on her special day for everything that she does in life.

She is a daughter, a mother, and a friend to many. Sis. Karen is a born Minister of music. Sister Karen is a smooth vocalist, and a master choir director and musician. She was the first choir director to get my son Justin to sing in a children’s church choir.  #thank-you! 💕🌹💕

I take my hat off to her for a job well done! She truly is a good and faithful servant unto God and his people!

➰🎵 We 🌹 Love 🌹you, Sister Karen Allen-Reid 🌹 ➰🎵

A special cake for Sis. Karen Allen- Reid! 🎤

Christ Our Redeemer Choir, Sis. Karen, Director
🎵 Church Diva 🎵

Give me my flowers while I yet live! 🎤
Sis. Karen really loves the Lord!

Happy Birthday Sis. Karen! ➰🌹➰

The Gospel version of Happy Birthday to you, Sis. Karen Allen-Reid

Happy Birthday Sister Karen Allen-Reid! We Love You!
Give me my flowers while I yet live! 🌹


Posted by: Evelyn Diane

D&T: 11/17/2016

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